How to recycle plastic at home

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How to clean gutters: gutter maintenance checklist

Do you know how to clean gutters? Need a few pointers for gutter maintenance? Here’s a simple checklist to help protect your home’s gutters and downspouts.

The Importance of Recycling e-Waste for the Environment

Electronic waste – or e-waste – is more prevalent now than ever, especially in an age where we all have phones, laptops and computers. Let’s be honest, most of you probably have old mobile phones sitting in a drawer at home or a disused computer taking up space in the study, so why not recycle […]

What to do with garden waste

Garden waste doesn’t just mean plant and organic-based materials, it can include everything from dirt & soil right through to concrete. Learn how to dispose of it properly with Just Skips.

What is Zero Waste & How Do You Start Living a Zero Waste Life?

A zero waste lifestyle is a sustainable way of life that helps keep our planet clean. Find out why it’s important & how you can easily start with our top tips.

What is illegal dumping and what are its effects?

Illegal dumping is costing local councils a lot of money each year. Learn what classifies as illegal dumping and the toll its taking on our communities.

The 4 most common mistakes people make when they hire a skip

Just Skips helps make waste removal as easy as possible but there are 4 common mistakes that people make when hiring a skip that can affect the experience.

How to Prepare Your Home for Fire Danger Season

Preparing your home before fire danger season arrives is the best defence against bushfires. Learn how you can protect your family & home with our top tips.

How to Dispose of Broken Glass Safely

Steps to disposing of broken glass safely Protect yourself with appropriate footwear and gloves Seal glass in a box, plastic bags or wrap it in several sheets of newspaper Tape up any cracked glass such as mirrors, dinner plates, or drinking glasses to prevent it shattering Break down larger glass objects Clearly label the package, […]

How Do You Throw Away Batteries?

When cleaning up or decluttering your home, you are bound to come across a hoard of old batteries that no longer work, whether it’s a drawer full or scattered throughout toys and appliances. Many people frequently throw out their old batteries in their general waste bin. However, the composition of batteries contains heavy metals and […]