When our customers in Adelaide hire a skip, these are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive. For any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

Skip bins

1. What size skip bins do you supply?

Just Skips can supply 3 different skip bin sizes – 4m3, 6m3 & 9m3. See our skip bin prices for more information. The dimensions of each are as follows:

Skip Bin Size Width of Bin Height of Bin Length of Bin













2. What is the maximum weight limit of the skip bins?

All of our skip bins and mini skip bins have a weight limit for mixed waste which must not be exceeded, or additional charges may be incurred. They are as follows:

Skip Bin Size Mixed Waste Clean Fill
(No other Rubbish)
(No other rubbish)


0.6 tonnes (600kg)

No weight limit

No weight limit


1.2 tonnes

No weight limit

No weight limit


1.7 tonnes

No weight limit

(Bin can only be ¾ filled)

No weight limit

(Bin can only be ¾ filled)

3. Where can the skip bin be placed?

A client can request where they would like the bin to be placed, however the final placement is at the drivers discretion. This is due to safety considerations. Skip bins and mini skip bins can be placed anywhere on your property as long as the area is accessible for the truck. These areas include driveways, front gardens, backyards, over low fences etc.

Unfortunately bins can not be placed on council property, for example, roads, footpaths and medium strips without council approval. A copy of the council approval document will need to be sent via fax or email to Just Skips office staff prior to the bin being delivered.

4. Do any of your skip bins have a ramp or a door?

Yes, our 9m3 skip bins have a convenient drop down door. However, our 4m3 and 6m3 skip bins do not have a ramp/door.

5. How much notice is required for booking?

To be guaranteed a skip bin on the day you require it, we recommend that you place a booking at least one day prior to delivery. In some circumstances we can do same day delivery, but we can not assure it. You can order a skip bin online, or you can also phone us during office hours on (08) 8255 6677.

6. What payment method options are available?

Just Skips provides several different payment method options. Payment is required on delivery of the bin. We accept cash, which can be given to the driver on delivery of the bin, or Visa and Mastercard payments can be made when the bin order is made.

Please Note: Credit card payments can not be made to the driver on delivery of the bin as we do not have the appropriate facilities available in the trucks.

7. How long can you hire a skip for?

Just Skips short term skip hire period is anytime up to 7 days. If a bin is required for a shorter amount of time, that is not a problem. We give our clients the option to have the bin up to a week for their convenience. Same day delivery and pick up is available if arranged prior.

Long term skip bin hire is also available at an additional charge. Please contact the office for further information.

8. Can a skip bin be collected earlier than the arranged pick up date?

If a client fills a bin before originally anticipated, a quick phone call or email to the office is all that is required to arrange a new pick up date.

9. Can a delivery & collection time be arranged when ordering?

A time for delivery & collection of the skip bin can be arranged when ordering. If a client requests a specific time of day, for example, morning or afternoon, in most circumstances that request can be met unless unforseen circumstances arise. If a client requests a specific time, for example 10:30am, we can not guarantee we will arrive on time, but the driver will endeavour to arrive as close to that time as possible.

10. Is there an additional charge if the skip bin is required for longer?

This scenario is evaluated on a case by case basis. It will depend on how much longer you require the skip bin, and if it is required for another job. Please contact our office if you require the bin for an extended period of time.

11. What are the height restrictions on the trucks?

4-5 metres in height, minimum 3 metres in width.

12. Do you offer extended skip bin hire on request?

You can hire a skip bin for 14 days or 3 months for an extra charge. You can also hire the skip bin for 3 months, change it over in 3 months, and then hire for an additional 3 months (and so on).

13. To what level can the skip bin be filled?

All of our skip bins and mini skip bins must not be filled over the rim of the bin. This is due to Occupational Health & safety which requires full skip bins to be covered while in transit.

Please Note: The 9m skip bin can only be ¾ filled with clean fill and concrete/brick/tiles. If a 9m bin is over ¾ filled with these contents our truck may not be able to lift the bin onto the truck to remove it.

14. What items can not be placed in a skip bin?

We do not allow any of the following:

  • Asbestos
  • Tyres
  • Liquid Waste

Please see our “Waste Types” page for further information.  

15. What items can be placed in a skip bin?

Please see our “Waste Types” page for further information.

16. What happens if a skip bin is over loaded?

If a skip bin is filled over the rim of the bin and we are unable to cover the contents securely, it is illegal to transport, and therefore can not be removed. In some cases the driver will remove the contents on the top of the bin and leave them next to the skip, and then remove the bin.

If the driver is unable to remove the overloaded material, the office staff will contact the client and give them the opportunity to order another skip at the same rate (or smaller bin if required) to place the overloaded items into. An appropriate collection date will then be arranged.

17. What happens if a skip bin is over weight?

If a skip bin is over the maximum weight limit allowed for the size bin our office staff will be notified by the driver before removing the bin. The client will be immediately contacted to work out a mutually fair course of action before the bin is collected.

Please Note: Additional fees may be incurred for bins that are over the maximum weight limit.

18. What do I do with my old TVs and computers?

Find more information on our e-waste disposal page.

19. Can a mattress be placed in the general waste skip bin?

Yes! The mattress needs to be put either inside or on top of the skip bin. Drivers cannot collect mattresses placed next to the skip bin.

Note: mattresses incur an additional charge.

20. Is there an extra charge for disposing of a mattress?

Yes, $60 per mattress. Anything with springs is an extra charge, but if it is only foam, there is no extra charge.

21. Which areas of Adelaide do you service?

We service the wider Adelaide metropolitan area. From Cheltenham to Salisbury, Adelaide Hills to Grange, eastern suburbs to Seaford, we provide skip hire services in all areas of Adelaide. Find the full list of suburbs we service on our Delivery Areas page.