Davoren Park Rubbish Removal Times

Councils provide all households with three bins to assist you to correctly separate recyclable and organic material from general waste. If you’re looking for rubbish removal dates for Davoren Park Adelaide, South Australia take a peep at the chart below. Household general waste is collected on a weekly basis, whereas recycling and green organic waste is collected on a fortnightly basis (on alternate weeks). Please ensure your bins are placed out by 6am on collections days and returned inside your property by the days end.

If you need additional hard rubbish collection and are looking for skip bin hire in Adelaide call Just Skips on (08) 8255 6677.

Garbage Collection Schedule for Davoren Park

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today

If you have extra rubbish that you would like removed, you can book a skip bin in Davoren Park online or call us and speak to one of our friendly, experienced staff.

More information about Davoren Park

Council Website:City of Playford

Roads: Ashton Rd, Dartmouth St, Mayflower Cl, Spratt St, Birdsmoor Rd, Davoren Rd, Mclelland St, Stapleton St, Bishopstone Rd, Dowlish St, Mcpherson Gr, Star St, Blackdown St, Drimpton St, Meadows La, Stebonheath Rd, Blight St, Dunbar St, Melbury St, Stocklinch Cr, Bratton St, Easton Rd, Mitchell St, Stormore St, Brimsdown Rd, Edgecombe Rd, Nash St, Strathaird Bvd, Bristol Cr, Ferris St, Neagle Rd, Studley St, Brookside Cl, Forde St, Obrien St, Swallowcliffe Rd, Broster Cr, Fordingbridge Rd, Oldford St, Thomas St, Buckley St, Geranld Bvd, Pat Herbert Ct, Timothy Ct, Bulkington Rd, Gores Rd, Peacemarsh Rd, Tollerdown St, Burry St, Hambridge Rd, Peachey Rd, Vicarage Wy, Cape St, Heytesbury Rd, Petherton Rd, Walpole St, Cawrse St, Kilmington Rd, Pilsdon St, Ward St, Charlson St, King St, Pix Rd, Webster St, Charmouth Rd, Kingsbury St, Plymouth Rd, Westbury St, Chaser St, Kingston St, Pritchard St, Westwood St, Chesterman St, Lambrook St, Redcliff St, Whitington Rd, Christopher Ct, Laverton St, Rosewarne Cr, William St, Clarendon St, Lawson St, Rowe St, Wilton St, Cockshell St, Lock St, Rudge St, Winkfield St, Connell St, Longbridge Rd, Sandford Rd, Winsham St, Coventry Rd, Mainwaring Cr, Searle Rd, Womma Rd, Crafter St, Mandeville St, Sissman St, Woodcutts Rd, Cudworth St, Marden St, Skewes St, Wootton St, Cummins St, Marshman St, Somerset La, Worden St, Curnow St, Martock St, Yarnbrook St

Type of garbage collected today in Davoren Park:

Sorry, no garbage will be collected in your suburb today.


Davoren Park Collection Schedule by Month:

July 2020



Recycling waste
Organics waste
General waste