Elizabeth East Rubbish Removal Times

Take a look at the rubbish removal dates for Elizabeth East in Adelaide, South Australia. Consult the table below for your monthly and weekly waste removal schedule and stay up to date with the pick-up dates in your local area. The table shows pick up dates for general waste, organic waste and recycling waste collections.

For any bigger items call Just Skips on (08) 8255 6677 for the best rubbish skips in Adelaide.

Garbage Collection Schedule for Elizabeth East

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today

If you have extra rubbish that you would like removed, you can book a skip bin in Elizabeth East online or call us and speak to one of our friendly, experienced staff.

More information about Elizabeth East

Council Website:City of Playford

Roads: Adare Ct, Derrick Rd, Jenkins Ct, Paginton Cr, Anderson St, Dewey St, Jensen St, Phelps St, Atlanta St, Dolphin St, Jones Cr, Pipkin Rd, Aylwin St, Enterprise Rd, Kibby Rd, Portland Rd, Badcoe St, Fletcher Rd, Kinkaid Rd, Rhine Ct, Balch Ct, Fuller Cr, Leake St, Salerno Ct, Ballard St, Gilmore St, Leslie St, Saratoga Rd, Bath Ct, Grayling St, Lewis Ct, Shandon Ct, Bellinger Rd, Grenadier Rd, Lowe St, Shannon St, Benham St, Guy Ct, Lowry St, Spruance Rd, Blackburn Ct, Hakea Ct, Lyon St, Stewart Ct, Blackburn Rd, Halsey Rd, Main North Rd, Talbot St, Blamey Rd, Hawker Cr, Martin Rd, Thornton St, Brabham Ct, Haydown Rd, Midway Rd, Tyler St, Bronte Cr, Holcomb St, Milan St, Waldron St, Cardnell Cr, Hornet Cr, Moss Ct, Weathers St, Catalina Rd, Hughes Ct, Nautilus Rd, Willison Rd, Chillingworth Rd, Hull St, Nimitz Rd, Worthington Rd, Conyngham St, Inwood Rd, Northampton Cr, Yorktown Rd

Type of garbage collected today in Elizabeth East:

Sorry, no garbage will be collected in your suburb today.


Elizabeth East Collection Schedule by Month:

July 2020



Recycling waste
Organics waste
General waste