Elizabeth North Rubbish Removal Times

Household waste is collected weekly in Elizabeth North, Adelaide, South Australia. General waste and recycling are collected on the same day. With waste collected weekly and recycling and organic waste collected bi-weekly. The chart below clearly outlines your local areas monthly and weekly rubbish collection schedule.

For additional hard rubbish pick ups and skip hire call Just Skips on (08) 8255 6677.

Garbage Collection Schedule for Elizabeth North

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today

If you have extra rubbish that you would like removed, you can book a skip bin in Elizabeth North online or call us and speak to one of our friendly, experienced staff.

More information about Elizabeth North

Council Website: City of Playford

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Type of garbage collected today in Elizabeth North:

Sorry, no garbage will be collected in your suburb today.


Elizabeth North Collection Schedule by Month:

June 2020



Recycling waste
Organics waste
General waste