Elizabeth Park Rubbish Removal Times

If you’re looking for rubbish removal dates for Elizabeth Park in Adelaide, South Australia take a look at the table below to find the most up to date rubbish collection information for the Elizabeth Park area. It’s important to take note of your monthly and weekly garbage and recycling collection schedules and ensure your bins are placed out by 6am on collections days and returned inside your property by the end of the day.

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Garbage Collection Schedule for Elizabeth Park

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today

If you have extra rubbish that you would like removed, you can book a skip bin in Elizabeth Park online or call us and speak to one of our friendly, experienced staff.

More information about Elizabeth Park

Council Website: City of Playford

Roads: Adams Rd, Davey St, Kirk St, Seaborough Rd, Alexander St, Dayman St, Law St, Seatown Rd, Banksia Ct, Dover Pl, Leonard St, Seavington Rd, Beaminster Rd, Eve Pl, Lily Ct, Shillabeer Rd, Bendle St, Gale St, Litton St, St Andrews Dr, Billing St, Garlick Rd, Liverpool Pl, Sullivan Rd, Bowman St, Gould Rd, Magor St, Tina Ct, Bowood St, Grant St, Main North Rd, Tolmer Rd, Bridport St, Green St, Mannington Rd, Toolunga Ct, Burdon St, Grove Av, Marshalsea Rd, Track/trail, Burstock St, Hart St, Mclean St, Trafalgar Dr, Butler St, Hawk St, Midway Rd, Turner Dr, Butterfield Rd, Hayles Rd, Mosterton Rd, Turner Rd, Carey St, Hewish Cr, Oxford Ct, Uphall St, Catalina Rd, Horton St, Palmer Rd, Warminster Rd, Coulter St, Ifould Rd, Patterson Rd, Waytown St, Cranborne St, Innes St, Perrott St, Westminster Dr, Crocker St, Kilsby St, Peterswool Rd, Whitford Rd, Cullen St, Kinkaid Rd, Ranger St, Yorktown Rd, Daniel St, Salway St

Type of garbage collected today in Elizabeth Park:

Sorry, no garbage will be collected in your suburb today.


Elizabeth Park Collection Schedule by Month:

June 2020



Recycling waste
Organics waste
General waste