Elizabeth Vale Rubbish Removal Times

Councils provide all households with three bins to assist you to correctly separate recyclable and organic material from general waste. If you’re looking for rubbish removal dates for Elizabeth Vale Adelaide, South Australia take a peep at the chart below. Household general waste is collected on a weekly basis, whereas recycling and green organic waste is collected on a fortnightly basis (on alternate weeks). Please ensure your bins are placed out by 6am on collections days and returned inside your property by the days end.

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Garbage Collection Schedule for Elizabeth Vale

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today No garbage collection today

If you have extra rubbish that you would like removed, you can book a skip bin in Elizabeth Vale online or call us and speak to one of our friendly, experienced staff.

More information about Elizabeth Vale

Council Website: City of Playford

Roads: Abelia St, Davidson Rd, Lister St, Rushall Cr, Appleshaw St, Durdin Rd, Lockerly St, Ryall St, Banwell St, Everleigh Rd, Longleat Rd, Semley St, Barrow Cr, Grovely St, Main North Rd, Shaftesbury Rd, Berberis St, Guerin Rd, Mark Rd, Siddall Rd, Black Top Rd, Hamdon St, Marleycombe Rd, Stokes Ct, Boronia Cr, Hamptworth St, Mofflin Rd, Tidcombe St, Broughton Rd, Handley St, Moss Rd, Track/trail, Burcombe St, Haslam Cr, Oldham Rd, Trembath Rd, Burley Rd, Haxton St, Osler St, Treves St, Cameron Rd, Haydown Rd, Pasteur St, Trimmer Rd, Chaddenwick Rd, Hibiscus St, Philip Hwy, Upton St, Chicklade St, Hogarth Rd, Plaitford St, Wallace Rd, Chilmark St, Hood St, Poplar Dr, Wattle Rd, Chiselbury Rd, Jarvis Rd, Porter St, Wayford St, Clapton St, Joel Cr, Poulshot Cr, Wexcombe St, Clarke St, John Rice Av, Prunus Av, Willow Cr, Collingbourne Dr, Kennedy St, Quarley St, Winklebury Rd, Coppleridge Dr, Knowles Rd, Rhus Av, Winterbourne Rd, Corton St, Lindon St, Rollison Rd, Woodfalls Rd

Type of garbage collected today in Elizabeth Vale:

Sorry, no garbage will be collected in your suburb today.


Elizabeth Vale Collection Schedule by Month:

July 2020



Recycling waste
Organics waste
General waste